Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spending A Day at Mid Valley

Started my working day at Mid Valley....spending time at Starbucks, Borders for my brekky....just a simple doughnut and my beloved Hot Caramel Machiato to start my day....It's only 11ish and while FBing; I caught a glimpse of the traffic jam caused by taxis (as shown above).

After the hustle and bustle of meeting clients, went for another round of food session...well hey, it's LUNCH after all....I've tried once the Fish Head Mee Hoon @ Home Made, Mid Valley and it's the wonderful taste of the soup and the freshness of the fish that makes me come back for more!

Usually it's hard to get a place during lunch hours but I am taking my lunch @ 3pm; so luckily the restaurant is only half full! I chose the Fried Grouper Head Mee Hoon as it has the least amount of bones. The standard Fish Head Mee Hoon which I ate the last round had me picking up bones after bones which is kinda frustrating if you really want to enjoy the meal.

From what I was told, they cook each dishes when it's ordered instead of heating up and that's why it takes about 15 minutes for my order to arrive. For this dish, would recommend you to mix the fish into your soup to have a stronger taste for the soup. The mee hoon is really soft and nice to chew on and to top that, the fried grouper is fried perfectly on the outside but maintaining the soft meat texture in the inside and best of all; it's FRESH!

A must try, if you're a fish head mee hoon lover or if you ever pop by Mid Valley. It's at the Megamall side, same row as Maybank/Chilis facing the Boulevard Offices.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A long forgotten joint

WOW! It's been 6 months since I visited my BLOG. I guess it's time for me to catch up again. Let me restart the blogging on a recent visit to an OLD JOINT which I used to frequent during my initial move to KL from Ipoh. It used to be a favourite hangout for me and my house mate as it's a really happening place during that time.

The joint is none other than BEACH CLUB which is situated within the GOLDEN TRIANGLE of Kuala Lumpur. It's famous for NIGHT LIFE where office crowds gather after office hours as they serve delicious meal with affordable beer during HAPPY HOURS. As the hour passes, party goers will join the crowd as the club plays music ranging from retro to the latest rnb & hip-hop beats. It is the club to be during the early 2000s before more new clubs emerge.

It has been nearly 8 years since my last visit and I am most delighted to visit again since I've got an invitation from a Facebook friend for lunch at the joint. To my surprise, the decor and even the SHARK FISH TANK is still the same as it was before 8 years AGO! Wow! I am really surprised to see that nothing has changed at all apart from that the 2 black tip sharks are no longer there....

They still serve a decent meal as I tasted the ORIENTAL CHICKEN CHOP set lunch which I ordered that comes with a FREE soft drink. They serve 2 types of set lunch and each day has its own personal sets. The set that I ordered is only 13.90++ which is quite affordable for a cafe that serves decent food with a quiet ambiance within the GOLDEN TRIANGLE.

Avis, thanks again for the lunch invitation to BEACH CLUB as it really brought back lot's of wonderful memories from my past. A really funny and hilarious moments indeed especially with my colleagues from my previous company. It's a pleasure to meet you at last after 2 years of contacting each other via Facebook although we have never met up. Hope there will be another meeting up session sometime again.


Monday, December 21, 2009


Another GREAT MOVIE by James Cameron. AVATAR is a movie about a soldier Jake Sully; one of an endless numbers of wounded war veterans who was given a chance to be able to enjoy his "freedom" & "a new start" at a world called PANDORA. He's given an opportunity to be in a great research team by using an Avatar and that is when the amazing story begins...
AVATAR is an amazing movie where it brings out the realism of another world filled with beautiful, colourful and mystical creatures! The location and settings are out of this world! The movie also gives u a strong sense of connection as you really can feel the sadness, the anger, the frustation, the pain, the joy, the happiness, the thrill of the situation.


A Nice Trailer from

I've watched the movie 1st time with 3D effects and it blows me away. You really can see the action coming live out of the screen! I've also watched the movie 2nd time without the 3D effects and it's still AWESOME! I would love to watch it again as seriously, the movie really took my breath away.....AVATAR, here I come again!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sakae Sushi @ KLCC

I had the chance to experience Sakae Sushi again when I visited The Star Property Fair @ KLCC. It was sometime ago since my last visit there but it's good to be back as I love the sushi dishes provided.
Moreover they have a unique way of ordering food; whereby each table is equipped with a monitor and a mouse for the customer to view the full details of the dishes and order from there with a click of a mouse. Usually the orders arrive within minutes.
It seems that Sakae Sushi was established in Singapore during 1997 when a loving husband presented his wife (an avid fan of Japanese food) with the establishment of the first Sakae Sushi. More story @ their website.

Although this time around the sushi is not as fresh as it used to be; it is still a delightable meal and it's actually an affordable one. If you have yet to test it out, why not go and try it out yourself?

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Journey Ahead....

Last Friday, I attended a friends wedding lunch at SPRING VALLEY Restaurant located at Mid Valley Megamall. As many of you would know that CHINESE Wedding Ceremonies includes a GRAND BANQUET whereby family, relatives, friends and guests alike are invited to celebrate the joyous union of the newlyweds!

During the BANQUET which is usually held at restaurants or hotels; 8 to 10 dishes will be served to guests. Itinerary of the BANQUET often includes slide shows of younger years of the couple and how they met, photos of their wedding potraits, speeches by the couple & family members alike, toasts, cake cutting ceremony, performances etc. Therefore it can be said the same for the wedding banquet I attended.

The only surprise I had was when the MC announced that my friend; the bride got to know her now husband through the net! I know that at this time and era, a lot of friendship as well as relationship begins via online but still that announcement really caught me by surprise. ^^

Anyways, I would like to thank both Soo Shin & CK for inviting me over to celebrate their joyous union and wishing them both lots of coming happy memories & time spend together (not forgetting the little MINI SS&CK) . A gift from me with a wedding quote from ROBERT FROST:-
Two such as you with such a master speed
cannot be parted nor be swept away from one another
once you are agreed that life is only life forevermore
together wing to wing and oar to oar


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can you say "Shabu Shabu" ?

From Wikipedias description; Shabu Shabu (also spelled syabu-syabu) is a Japanese variant of hot pot which also means steamboat for us locals in Malaysia. I've heard friends keep mentioning about this Shabu Shabu phenomenon for a year or so now but I've yet to test it out. Since Apple recommends that Puchong has one of the best Shabu Shabu restaurant; I am obliged to try it out.

We reached the restaurant about 8.30pm and I was shocked to see the queue! Frankly speaking, I know queuing is very common in KL for popular food joints but for a Japanese steamboat? What's more shocking is that we have to wait for 30 minutes for a table for 2 person?? o.O

During the long wait, I just glance around and found that the restaurant comprise of 4 storeys which includes the Ground Floor where they have a tea house. The above 3 floors are for Shabu Shabu business! WOW! 3 whole floors and yet still have to wait? When it's our turn, we have to pay upfront; each person costs RM26.50! Did I mentioned it's buffet style?

Anyways we took the lift up to the 3rd floor and to my surprise, the place looks like a canteen! Seriously, I did not expect it to be so but how else would they serve buffet style efficiently and fast without the assistance of a conveyor belt just like a sushi restaurant? It seems everyone is seated with their own hot pot whereby you have a control panel to increase or decrease the heat of your pot with just a push of a button.

I feel that it's not suitable for a group food gathering joint as it really feels like you're eating alone all the while! I mean you have your own pot with your own food and that all of the patrons are sitting in 1 straight do you even have a decent conversation right?

Well for RM26.50, they do serve quite a number of varieties of food but I would not advise on the seafood as it's not fresh during my patronage there. The best dish is their famous thinly sliced pork which is quite tasty. It's recommended by most of my friends or colleagues who have visited the place and I do agree. As for the rest of the dishes, it's nothing to shout about at all.

My Rating for this place (based on my own personal opinion ONLY):-
-Ambience : 2 out of 5
-Food : 3 out of 5
-Price : 3 out of 5 (if you can eat a lot)
By the way, please take note do not simply take as much dish as you want; as they will charge customers on wastage of food which is in a way good to prevent patrons wasting the food!

If you're interested to visit the restaurant, it's just behind Giant Hypermarket at Bandar Puteri Puchong; one of those 4 storey shophouses with a big Shabu Shabu signage. Apologies as I've forgotten to grab their card :P

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Neway

Romantic Song @ Neway

Someone just turned a little wiser on October 15th and he is none other than my buddy Kar Wing. He and I goes waaaayyyyy back....yea, like wayyyy back ^^ It's been about 7 months since we last catch up ( we caught up when I was in Perth this March 09 ) and he still looks skinny as ever! Bro, teach me how you keep your body so slim lar! :P

Anyways since he's back to visit his family in Malaysia & coincidentally it's his WISEN UP DAY, we went to Neway 1 Utama to celebrate his BIG DAY! We were kind of lucky since we were given a room that fits for 15! Such HUGE ROOM for the 5 of us ONLY! Practically you can jump up and down and monkeying around....
Since we did not manage to get a cake from any cake shop, we decided to order 1 from Neway and wow it's really expensive! I believe it's about RM48 for a 500gm cake and it's not even tasty. Sorry for ruining your cake experience there bro....

Birthday Cake from Neway

My bro HAPPILY singing away


Lovely ain't it? :P


New Style Singing?
We sang and drank, laughed and jumped around till the Neway staffs have to KICK us out! It was practically 4am that time and that really proves how much fun we really had or DRUNK!

Anyways BRO, here is to you! May your days, months and coming years of life filled with much joy, love & laugther!